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Growing Green Cities Greenhouse

The greenhouse is essentially the project that kicked off this entire network. As a resident of the Dutch city of Almere, the founder decided to start building a greenhouse in his backyard. Little did he know that the very same city had also just been elected to become host of the Floriade 2022, an international gardening event. The connection with the city council was easily made after that, however a few enthusiastic civil servants do not a permit make so to say.

We ran into issues with the local city council and realized quickly that there are many ways of interpreting what ‘growing a green city’ means. To the founder it certainly means something entirely different than to some of the civil servants we talked to.


The Greenhouse is an urban greenhouse. This distinction is very important. An urban environment is, for most of us, where we live. We need energy and drinking water where we live. We need waste disposal where we live. We need food where we live. Last but definitely not the least, we need comfort and health where we live.

A greenhouse can be a source of all of the above. It can however only be that for a few things if it is not near our home! Who hasn’t been annoyed with ‘green people’, people who are enthusiastic about protecting and improving the environment, who get on airplanes to fly around the world to attend meeting on ‘how to save the environment’?

Why should we need to get in our car to drive to a remote location where our greenhouse is? Yes, some might say ‘well get on your bicycle!’. Frankly, I would LOVE to! But I would prefer to get on the bicycle in my oxygen-richgreenhouse, produce electricity to power the greenhouse and produce CO2 to make the plants grow better and faster. Travel of any kind costs an enormous amount of resources!

So we believe that by thinking cleverly we can achieve the folllowing goals with the Growing Green Cities greenhouse:

  • 80% waste reduction
  • 50% food expense reduction
  • 50% drinking water usage reduction
  • 30% energy usage reduction

These are pretty steep goals, we realize that. To achieve these goals, we are constantly in the process of designing a modular greenhouse. Each of these modules will have its own separate page here on the site with detailed information.