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Petitions are a method of making your voice heard. We are currently working on functionality that will allow members to submit a petition to be hosted on the Growing Green Cities Network. Somehow we will make it work seemlessly integrated with the Growing Green Cities Map. This way it will become easy to spot areas on the map where many citizens take action against their local city authorities.


There are many petition sites on the internet. There are probably as many opinions on how effective they are. We believe that a petition that’s open to the whole world, getting signatures from people all over the world, is not the right tool to motivate local city politicians. Very bluntly put, they won’t care if it doesn’t get them votes. It becomes a bit different when people from a city are networked together, informed of each other’s petitions, and supportive of each other’s petitions. This is not functionality that’s on our site just yet but we’ll get there.


Below you can see a listing of active petitions on our site.