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Urban Crops

I was very pleased to find this site locally in the Netherlands. Urban Crops seems to be doing near identical things as what I’m trying to do with the Growing Green Cities Greenhouse and they have a gorgeous website set up for it.

Translated from Urban Crops’ webpage:

Boris Roodenburg and Karel van Zweden. The common interests and the will to implement a change has led to the creation of Urban Crops that realizes a green concept. Growing Green Cities ” is the achievement of this ideal, plant breeding combined with growing fish.

The implementation of the idea is made possible through the Aquaponics system, which makes it possible in both industrial plants and small private locations.

Urban Crops responds to the growing demand for sustainable and organic crops through innovative techniques.

We invite you to be part of the development of a brilliant bio-intensive food production system. We take you with content to take a look into the world of Urban Crops and Aquaponics, to contribute a bit together on a sustainable and ecological way of food.