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Earth Day Network

Green Cities Logo
Green Cities Logo

The Earth Day Network has a significant volume of information. They have far more information online than this site does at this time but we aim to focus exclusively on green cities.

They also have a very clear vision on what is a green city and how citizens can act to make their city more green. We intend to contact the Earth Day Network and cooperate with them extensively.

The Earth Day Network started its Green Cities Campaign in 2013 and I’m very glad that I Googled the somewhat trivial question ‘what is a green city?’.


Today, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities. As the urban population grows and the effects of climate change worsen, our cities have to evolve.

It’s time for us to invest in efficiency and renewable energy, rebuild our cities and towns, and begin to solve the climate crisis. Over the next two years, with a focus on Earth Day 2014, the Green Cities campaign will mobilize a global movement to accelerate this transition. Join us in calling for a new era of green cities.

I’m so glad that I did and through doing so realized that our own struggles with the local authorities are not at all unique. On their site it says ” the campaign will educate the public about each element of green cities and spur individuals to take civic action by signing petitions, sending letters, and organizing events.”

So yes, signing petitions, sending letters, it all seems to be a necessary part of change.