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Growing Green Cities Map

This site’s focus is on helping people find the fastest way to help turn their city green. To do so, we will at some point ask you, our readers and contributors, which city you live in. We will anonymize this information and add your city to our map. Later on we intend to gather information about your city. This information will be an indication of how green your city already is. We will then be able to show a map, our Growing Green Cities Map, that shows the color of entire regions on the planet.

How can you Help

At the moment of writing this article, the site is only 4 days old. Already we’re starting to get what’s called organic traffic and return visitors. At this time this site is a one-man effort although various individuals have already expressed a keen interest in the ideas expressed on the site. We really believe that the Growing Green Cities Map will spark people’s interest.

Facebook Page

We already have a Facebook Page, currently still named the Stedelijke Kas. This page will soon be renamed to Growing Green Cities Greenhouse. You can begin to help by joining the debate. The Stedelijke Kas page is currently a repository of (mostly) technical ideas on how to build an advanced ‘urban greenhouse’. Originally it started out as a project with a focus on the city of Almere in the Netherlands, hence the Dutch name for the page.

On this Facebook page, as Facebook may be a place where you spend a lot of  your time, we will announce the progress of Growing Green Cities and also the Growing Green Cities Map. Through liking the page, seeing the updates, you will at some point be notified that you can register on this site and when the Growing Green Cities Map will be lit up.

Google Maps

Here you see the start of the GGC Map. We will gradually add more cities based on your feedback and information we gather from the internet.


Later on we intend to make a Google Maps overlay over the world with all the locations we’ll be collecting and colorize it so it will look a little bit like the banner picture of this page.