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Our Partners

As a small organization we at Growing Green Cities Network have no illusion that we can make a valuable resource all by ourselves. This is why we are actively searching for partners and giving them a prominent place on our website from the very first moment.

Any company or organization or even any individual partnering with the Growing Green Cities Network has a proven track record of caring for our environment while working on improving the cities we live in. Does this sound like a description of you? Well, we have an early partner campaign going right as we speak! Please feel free to sign up as a partner, we will gladly list you here on this page.

Partner Advantages

Creating a repository of information on such issues as ‘what is a growing green city?’ or ‘how does one build a growing green city?’ or ‘how does one change an existing city into a growing green city?’ requires varying skills. An architect can plan, design and oversee the construction of buildings in a growing green city. A construction company can build these building under architecture. There are more disciplines than we can even think up right now that need to work united. A web master knows how to give this partnership visibility on the internet.

The latter is what the Growing Green Cities Network is all about; Bundling the efforts of many small or big organizations into one powerful site that will be very visible on the internet. The irony of doing this is that a website gets visibility mostly by other sites linking to it. As the GGC Network currently does not have a lot of exposure yet, this is where we will help our early partners.

  • Link to our partners websites

Until march 2015, we will do this without expecting our partners to do the same to us.


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