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Become a Partner

Any organization that wants to help bring about change needs strong partners to do so. The Growing Green Cities Network is no different. Our goal is to build a repository of information. The nature of this information will be determined by our members and our partners. The information has the intention of bringing about the Growing of Green Cities. We believe there are many ongoing efforts trying to reach this.


To partner with Growing Green Cities Network, the most important condition is of course that your organization’s goal overlaps with that of Growing Green Cities Network. This means that your goal or part of your goal must be the intention of making the cities we live in greener. To make a city greener means a lot of things to different people and organizations. To some it means literally greener; wanting to see more grass, more trees, more parks. To others it means to enable residents of cities to grow their own food or generate their own electricity.

If you feel that your organization’s goals overlap with that of Growing Green Cities Network in the broadest sense you’re eligible to be a partner.


If you’re a partner of the Growing Green Cities Network, the first benefit will be that we will link to selected parts of your website. Eventually you will get a panel on this site through which you can highlight parts of your website onto our website. We expect the same in return. This is how we reinforce each other, this is how we become more visible together.

For now there aren’t many benefits to partnering with the Growing Green Cities Network. If you wish to become an early partner and help get us going this would be very much appreciated. Please fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Introduction Offer

If you wish to become an early partner, please fill out the form below right now. We will make this offer for 3 months as a holiday present. If you sign up as a partner now, the first 3 months of 2015 you will be listed on our partner list without expecting anything in return. This means there will be a link to your site on our site which will improve your search traffic. It isn’t much but for now it’s all we can offer.



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