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You may wish to contact us for various reasons. It may be that you saw your image being used on our site and you found our pictures policy. Or perhaps you would like to become an early contributor. Or perhaps you would like to have your city listed in the Growing Green Cities Map.

There are plenty of reasons you may wish to get in touch. For some of the above reasons and many more reasons to come, we will soon release our Facebook App. Through using this app you will be able to register on our site near-instantly. This will make communications extremely easy. If you don’t have a Facebook account or you prefer not to submit some of your info because you don’t like our privacy policy that’s fine too, we’re very laid back and will also honor your request if you submit it to us through the form below.


On submitting this form the site will send an email to the owner of this site. We try to read our email frequently but as this is, for now, a one-man initiative, we ask you kindly that you exercise some patience. We will get back to you for sure but it may take a few days.