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About the Growing Green Cities Network

The Growing Green Cities Network was founded by Fred Leeflang, CEO of 3DN.

As designer and builder of the Growing Green Cities Greenhouse, an urban greenhouse with its roots in a city environment, Fred took it upon him to do all the design work and building of the Growing Green Cities Greenhouse by himself. Being technically well educated and with an IT expertise of nearly 20 years, the goal is to build a technologically advanced greenhouse.

The skills and knowledge required to build such a greenhouse far exceeded Fred’s initial expertise. Technical skills however can be learned with relative ease. In these modern days there are incredible resources available on the internet.

The project hit a major snag however when it came to permits. Getting a permit for such a clearly innovative goal did not appear easy. In fact it quickly turned out to be the most difficult aspect of all.

Thus, this initiative to gather information about Growing Green Cities around the world was founded.


Our goals appear very easy:


  • Grow a large user base with people from all over the world.
  • Let these people gather information on their own cities and analyze this information in order to build the Growing Green Cities Map a map which shows the reality of Growing Green Cities vs. the political ambitions.

While it may sound relatively easy, it isn’t. It is in fact the core business of the internet it seems some days. Growing a dedicated user base is in fact incredibly difficult.