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New Partner: Studio Claire Hornn

At the Growing Green Cities Network we need a lot of partners. This is, after all, what makes a network into a network. A while ago we were approached by Studio Claire Hornn. Studio Claire Hornn is a young startup company, consisting of two dynamic young women, creative director Claire Hornn and associate director My My Ngo.

The reason Studio Claire Hornn approached us was because they had found our Facebook Page and wanted to give us the opportunity to participate in a pilot for their first product, an aesthetic & multifunctional worm compost bin especially created for indoor use.

We believe this is an excellent example of what we think of as ‘growing green cities’ and in return for their pilot offer we offered them to become a partner. As two start up organizations we can help promote each others projects, products and services. Together we stand stronger and together we can use each other’s resources for maximum efficiency.

Compost Bin

A subject that will also have focus in the Growing Green Cities Greenhouse project is the disposal of organic waste. Studio Claire Hornn has designed a product to do just this. Their compost bin is designed to be used indoors and they have a consumer and an office version. Naturally the office version is slightly bigger than the consumer version.

The compost bin allows people to dispose of their organic waste in an environmentally friendly way, creating a product on the side which is very useful for gardeners; compost!