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Social Media

The Growing Green Cities Greenhouse was initially started on our company website 3DN. It is after all a business effort.

Later on this was backed by a page on Facebook. The site you’re looking at right now is an effort to consolidate this fairly isolated effort into a larger framework, hence the .net domain.

As a supporter of Green Technology, 3DN recognizes the importance of social media. We feel there is a great social push towards innovative, clean, sustainable technology but this push isn’t always, or often in fact, being honored by our respective governments.


We realize that growing green cities has a much larger scope than just building a greenhouse in your backyard. That’s why we would like to give passionate people a spot on this website where they can also describe their own effort to help make our cities more liveable, more green.

If you would like to take us up on that offer, or if you would very much like to have a link to your site or facebook page on this site, feel free to contact us or leave a message on our Facebook page (this will be noticed much faster)