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3DN is a small IT consultancy company. We have recently decided to change our focus from pure IT to ‘Green IT’ and have started building on a Growing Green Cities Greenhouse which will not only host a lot of high-tech IT equipment but also use this technology in order to grow food, save energy and drinking water and process waste.

Designs and Details

As I already started to write on my company site but that may be a little hard to find for people, I decided to keep the structural designs etc. on my company site but to get news out on this site as it will be much easier to find that way.

So if you’re interested in the history and the more formal documentation on the Growing Green Cities Greenhouse, please check out the sustainability section on my site.


If you would also like your site to be hosted here or if you would like a link to your project on this site, or if you wish to contribute to this site through writing articles yourself, please contact us! You can also go to the company site and read up on some of the specifics of the hosting. Several friends have already decided to let their site be hosted by 3DN