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So the banner of this site has this, in my opinion, amazing looking banner.

The structure is called the ‘Plantagon’. I have in fact asked permission to the owners of the banner and if they ask me to remove it nevertheless I will immediately comply. Meanwhile there’s a great story to this structure.

Is it Real?

From the plantagon site:

Plantagon International is the global innovation leader in the sector urban agriculture. Plantagon’s resilient food systems minimize the need for land, water, energy and pesticides. The environmental impact is very low, and if the products are delivered directly to consumers in the city, the transportation costs are also minimized.

So as far as I know it may not be a real building but just an artist impression. Nevertheless, I believe it’s an amazing picture and a clear vision. This initial assessment seems to be correct, as Plantagon also has its own Facebook page, on which I just read that after 4 years they have finally gotten approval to build their vertical greenhouse.

What stopped this Initiative

Like we’ve already seen in the article about Israel leading the global cleantech innovative index, it would appear that inventing new technology, sustainable technology that would benefit us all, is not really the problem. It is in fact a fairly novel sector and therefore quite easy to make big strides. What appears to be the problem for Plantagon is to get government permits.

Additional Pictures

Here are some more pictures I found but do make sure to visit the Plantagon site as well!