Israel ranked #1 in Clean Technology

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Clean Technology

According to the Global Cleantech Innovation Index, Israel is ranked #1 in Clean Technology. The Global Cleantech Innovation Index answers questions such as:

  • Which countries are hotbeds for creating start-ups focused on cleantech innovation?
  • Which countries are best at commercialization of established innovation?
  • Which countries are pursuing the most proactive cleantech policies and programmes around the world?
  • Which countries are lagging behind?

Cleantech Group

Cleantech Group’s clients – corporations, utilities, government agencies, and investors – recognize that innovating is crucial to business growth, yet can be challenging to pursue. The company partners with its clients to accelerate innovation.

How did Israel win

Israel far exceeded others in the emerging cleantech innovation factor, however dropped to 8th place in the ‘evidence of commercialised innovation’ factor – confirming that there is room for improvement in even the most inspiring countries. In fact, all top 10 countries were relatively good at early stage cleantech development but share a common challenge in increasing commercialisation rates. One relative outperformer on commercialisation, however, is Denmark

How did the Netherlands do?

The Netherlands, where we are building our Growing Green Cities Greenhouse is ranked only #11! This means the Netherlands is suboptimal for developing technology such as the Growing Green Cities Greenhouse.

I say it’s time we give Israel some healthy competition and start building LOTS of Growing Green Cities Greenhouses. The question is how to accelerate the development of clean technology in the Netherlands. In a follow up article I will analyze what are the major reasons for clean technology not being developed as quickly as it could.