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In this short article I would like to give an introduction to the Growing Green Cities Network site. Almost a year ago I got this plan to build a greenhouse in my backyard. There are plenty of reasons that I could mention but none of them was ‘finding out that the city I live in is a host to the Floriade 2022’.

However, I did find out later and thought about what a fortunate coincidence it is.

Floriade 2022

On 24 September 2012 the Nederlandse Tuinbouwraad (NTR) [Dutch Horticulture Council] announced that Almere has been chosen to stage the 7th Floriade. The core of Almere’s plans is the development of a prototype of a Green City, a green variation of the Cité Idéale, where the Dutch horticultural industry can present itself to the world in 2022.

Growing Green Cities

Much later on I found out that the city is organizing the ‘Growing Green Cities I: A Call to Action on Thursday the 20th of September 2012.’

The goal of the conference is to create a dialogue between the two agendas of (international) horticulture (tuinbouwsector) and international Green Cities. The conference should function as the start of a ten-year-long international exchange program about Green Cities.

There currently isn’t really a good site to host this initiative in a world-wide sense (there currently exists a domain which merely redirects to a page on the site) I figured I would set up an envelope website that will attempt to tie all the available resources that could aid this initiative together.


The Growing Green Cities Network is all about participation. Growing a green city should not be a government task, it should begin with the people themselves. This is why we will spend a lot of effort into growing a large user base. We will try to get as many people as possible to get involved in making their own city as green as possible.

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