Software Repository and Ticketing

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Software Repository and Ticketing System

Happy Newyear! The Growing Green Cities Network starts 2015 with a vengeance! Some parts of the site are still somewhat underdeveloped and need some attention. There is for example the webmail functionality, the logo contest, voting on and adding to the Growing Green Cities Criteria and a few other minor things such as getting access to the repository and ticketing system itself and of course our Facebook app which also hasn’t been getting a lot of love and attention.

Most of these things are not standard WordPress functionality. This means some programming will need to be done for it. They’re not really difficult jobs but we would like to facilitate our techies community with the means to actually do it or to just simply read the code in order to learn, criticize etc.

Trac and Subversion

I set up the Growing Green Cities Trac server with a linked subversion repository. Trac also includes a nice Wiki so documentation for code will sit on that Wiki, not on this WordPress site.

The code will be freely accessible. Should you want to help with development of the code, please drop @fredleeflang a note to set you up with a login. Non-programmers can safely ignore this as you won’t need access until you want to submit software yourself or submit tickets.


What’s more interesting to the site-wide community is that this Trac server will eventually also be home to the software source code for the Growing Green Cities Greenhouse modules. This software will be run on the Raspberry Pi’s that will measure such things as temperature, humidity, flow rates etc.

The Greenhouse has also been getting too little love and attention lately due to colder weather and permit issues but we hope to resolve this as soon as possible.