Happy 2015

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Happy 2015!

We at 3DN and the Growing Green Cities would like to wish you a happy and blessed 2015!

2014 a Challenging Year

2014 has not been the easiest year for us. We did a lot of hard work on the Growing Green Cities Greenhouse. We were successful in many aspects of it but it is still a very difficult project. 3DN, the parent organization of this site, has had to deal with many setbacks along the line with the development of the greenhouse and invested a lot of capital into it.

In the end we hope it will all prove to be worth it, but that’s how it goes with business efforts.

We are however very happy with 2014 as it also is the year that started the whole effort! It is the year where we started making lots of contacts with inspired people from all over the world. It is also the year in which we decided to launch the Growing Green Cities Network, now only just 2 weeks ago.

We hope you’re looking forward to 2015 as much as we do!

Please Join Us!

We are extremely eager to get started and to quickly get a lot of users. We have a number of appealing deals such as our Early Partner Program, our Early Adopter Free Email, our Logo Contest and much more! We’ve also been working hard at our Growing Green Cities Map which we hope will eventually turn out to become our most valuable asset to city builders and designers.

So what are you waiting for? Please sign up and help us make 2015 start with a bang!