GGCN Welcomes First Partner

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Growing Green Cities Networks Welcomes First Partner

We live in a big world. There are many strongly different opinions on how a Green City should be Grown. There are many vested interests. Partners help each other in this big world. We have been working on trying to find partners. We are very happy to announce our first partner just before the end of 2014, after being up and running for only 2 weeks!


As a parent company to this Growing Green Cities Network, 3DN royally messed up with the permit request. We did our utter best to make a good drawing of our Growing Green Cities Greenhouse but due to lacking architectural skills we failed at this attempt. As this got us into a nasty situation with the City Council, seeing our hopefull efforts coming to a grinding halt, we contacted Arc2 Architects.


Arc2 architects is an innovative architecture office engaged in designing significant projects in the fields of architecture, urbanism, landscape, bridges and infrastructure. The firm specializes in integrating technical and constructional principles into the design. We see it as a challenge to transform your wishes and budget into a fitting solution that is subtly integrated into the context.

Arc2 has indicated to want to become a partner of the Growing Green Cities Network. We are very happy to have Arc2 Architects as a partner!