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We at Growing Green Cities Network did not start off with the intention of helping Grow Green Cities as our history page will make clear. One thing that should be said about this effort however is that when we started to think about building our Growing Green Cities Greenhouse, we had to look into solutions. This has turned out to be a very inspiring and FUN process! There are enormous efforts worldwide by tons of people. These people share their ideas for free with others.

So if you’re passionate about this subject as well, why not sign up for the Growing Green Cities Network? It is incredible simple to do and will enable us to keep you posted on our progress. Don’t worry, we won’t spam your email folder! In fact we will give the early adopters a free you@growinggreencities.net email address. As time goes by when we set this up, we are well aware that some boundaries need to be set for such a service. However for now it will be perfectly free of any charge.


As linking an @growinggreencities.net email address to your registration takes a (little bit) of programming, it will not immediately be available when you sign up. However, it will happen very soon, we promise!

At this time, 3DN can still do all the coding by itself. As a freelance company we tend to have lots of time in between projects to do this type of work. However, if you’re good at programming WordPress plugins, you might also want to register early. At some point we foresee that there will be more work than we at 3DN can handle by ourselves. Other than that, chances are that we will be spending a lot of time on PR for the site, partnering with other organizations and writing contents.

We are running a suite called BuddyPress on this site. This suite allows us to create groups of registered users. Each of these groups can be assigned certain privileges on the site. The first group we created is one named ‘Designers’ as we urgently need graphics work done. The next group will be Programmers.

Webmail Up and Running

The webmail site is now up and running. There is a small gotcha for now. The Growing Green Cities network support SSL for secure browsing and logging in. At this moment we are using a free SSL certificate. This certificate is only valid for the www.growinggreencities.net and growinggreencities.net domains. Unfortunately this is the nature of certificates, free ones can only be had for a maximum of a domain and one subdomain.

We are eventually planning to purchase a multi-domain SSL certificate so that for example webmail.growinggreencities.net will also be in the certificate. For now it isn’t, however the webmail site uses the same certificate as this site. This means that when you go there, your browser will give you a warning that the certificate does not belong to webmail.growinggreencities.net. This is a warning you can safely ignore.

Invite your Friends

If you would like your friends to have an @growinggreencities.net email address as well, please feel free to invite them to sign up here.

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