Early Partner Offer

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Early Partner Offer

We are a small start-up organization. We do however have big plans. We would like to expand our member list and our partner list very rapidly. This is why we have decided to give away presents.

If you wish to become an early partner of the Growing Green Cities Network, we will now do this without expecting anything for it in return! This means that when you become a partner, we will list you as a partner with a link to your organization’s website without expecting anything in return from you.

Link Sharing

Normally, the least partners do is to exchange links with one another. The more links point to your website, the more relevant your site will be to Google’s search engine and search results will improve, your site will be more easily found and you will generate more traffic, more people see your efforts, more people will be likely to participate.

As a small start-up organization, obviously we need such links. However, what we need much more are good contacts with the serious intention to participate.

We do not have much to offer, yet. But we will remember you when you choose to partner up early with us.

Please visit our Become a Partner page and sign up as a partner! If you do not believe this is useful for you personally but it might be useful for the organization you’re a member of, please let this organization know!


As a partner of the Growing Green Cities Network you’re also entitled to a free advertising spot. If you’re a partner you may send us your 728×90 leaderboard banner and a URL to link to. We will then add this banner for free on our site. The partner ads get rotated evenly so the first partners will get much more exposure. If there’s only one partner, this partner will get 50% exposure (as there’s also a banner ‘advertise here’). If there’s 10 partners every partner will only get 1/11th exposure, so it’s in your benefit to become an early partner.