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‘What is the Floriade?’. It may sound like a trivial question to some people. It may sound very trivial to Dutch people, particularly to residents of the Dutch city of Almere. The Floriade is the event that will take place in Almere in 2022. The Floriade is an ‘international event’ as people from Almere will proudly explain. Wikipedia says the same thing.


Floriade is an international exhibition of flowers and gardening, held every 10 years in the Netherlands


But wait a moment. It’s an ‘international exhibition’? Shouldn’t that normally mean that it’s held in different countries? The worldcup soccer is also an international event but in this case it means that the worldcup is held in different countries every time. So what makes the Floriade an ‘international exhibition’?


Interestingly, there is also a Floriade in Australia. Wikipedia says the following about it.


Floriade is a flower and entertainment festival held annually in Canberra’s Commonwealth Park featuring extensive displays of flowering bulbs with integrated sculptures and other artistic features.

This gets a little confusing. Is the Australian Floriade not an international event? Are foreigners not allowed to visit? Why is the Floriade in Australia an annual event but only once every 10 years in the Netherlands?

Help us Out

As a resident of Almere I am thoroughly confused at this point. Up to now I was under the impression that it’s in fact quite an honor for our city to be the host of the Floriade 2022. An enormous amount of money is being spent on this event.

However, it would appear that there really are only a few contenders to host the Floriade in the Netherlands. To be quite honest, as founder of the Growing Green Cities Network I’m also not very impressed with the international marketing efforts. I’m beginning to wonder if it really is an international event.

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