10 Cleanest Cities

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Cleanest Cities

After publishing the list of 20 dirtiest cities in the world it only seems proper to publish the list of the 10 cleanest cities in the world. That’s right, cities aren’t always the centers of pollution we imagine them to be. Sometimes politicians’ words are more than mere words and action is taken on those words. This action gives results.

Growing Green Cities Map

We have added the 10 cleanest cities in the world to our GGC Map. With 32 cities already on the map, we’re starting to get a little bit of a clear picture.


This time we’re not going to mention which cities you see in the above slideshow. You’re encouraged to guess in the comments. Of course, if you look on the GGC Map you will quickly find the cleanest cities, but that would be cheating.

We also would love to get in touch with the city boards of the cities depicted in the slideshow. If you happen to recognize your city and would like to point out ‘their’ town being listed in the cleanest cities top #10 on Growing Green Cities, please do so. Perhaps they are willing to register on this site and write a column (or two) on how they got their city so clean and gorgeous.


As an enthousiastic Facebook user I do notice Europe gets a lot of slack. I’d like to point out that 4 of the top #10 cleanest cities in the world are actually in Europe.