Eigg, a Green Island

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Eigg, a Green Island

A dichotomy between a ‘city being green, as in the color green’ and ‘a city being green, as in using renewable resources’ has been observed before. Some cities and countries simply can’t seem to get it right. Scotland’s green island of Eigg certainly can and has even managed to be both. ‘Green, as in the color green’ and ‘green, as in using renewable resources’.

Renewable Energy

Eigg is one of the very first residencies on the planet that’s near-completely independent of fossil fuels. The green island is home to less than 100 people. It uses a combination of hydroelectric energy, wind energy and solar energy to provide for almost 100% of its energy needs.

Green Looks, Green Technology

Eigg demonstrates that mankind living together with nature stimulates nature. The pictures above clearly show that it’s not unthinkable to live in a beautiful natural environment without having to suffer very primitive conditions. One thing we that’s very often overlooked is that using renewable energy saves a lot of money. This money can be invested back into the infrastructure.

Growing Green City Map

After having added our hometown of Almere, we will also add Eigg to the Growing Green City Map. Very soon we will let you, our audience, determine what you value as green city elements. Eigg is currently only the second municipality on the GGC Map and we’re very impressed with it. We will use them as the norm on the map, and turn the island of Eigg bright green. Almere, host of the Floriade 2022 and home of the Growing Green Cities Greenhouse, is colored amber for now due to a temporary lack of objective criteria.

Please stay tuned and come back regularly to our GGC Map. You will start seeing the red/orange/green lights starting to come online and have your opinion be counted.